Business Contracts

Contracts have evolved over time to accommodate a variety of deals, businesses, ideas, sectors, and peculiar requirements. There are also contracts that specifically deal with intellectual property.

What we do


  • Review the current agreement that you use or you have been given
  • Help you negotiate and complete an agreement that achieves your aims
  • Amend your current agreement to suit a particular arrangement
  • Draft and/or design a new agreement that delivers what you want
  • Help you to understand and reduce risks
  • Maximise your end goals and realise your ambition

Ultimately a business contract should enable your project to run as smoothly as possible and in such a way that those involved were happy and content throughout the time you worked together. This is because you each received exactly what you expected from it.

Business agreements should clearly set out what you need, the conditions that help you achieve your business purpose, whilst keeping your risk for doing so at a minimum. You want an agreement that covers the things you know and wish to achieve, identifies risks that may occur, and seeks to address challenges you are not aware of.

Commercial Agreements


Commercial Agreements

There are many good and important reasons why you want a particular type of written agreement. This may be to support the selling/purchasing of products, including specialist or even unique services; the need to guard your know-how and trade secrets, or to legitimately access another’s; when you are developing innovative solutions or ground-breaking products; and especially when working collaboratively with other individuals or businesses. You may even have another or new type of agreement in mind to be used for a particular project.

By way of example a variety of Commercial Agreements and projects have been identified below, together with some of the types of clients worked with and the outcomes of those projects:

Additional contract services


  • Manufacturing
  • SAAS Framework Agreement, Statements of Work, SLAs
  • Software / App development
  • Company Policies (anti-bribery, anti-slavery, GDPR, et al)
  • Data Processing
  • Social Media Brand Ambassador
  • Affiliate Website Marketing
  • Confidentiality / NDA
  • Introducer, Referrer, and Marketing Agreements
  • Collaboration
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Franchising Agreement
  • Image release form
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Prize competition terms
  • R&D agreements
  • Sponsorship
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Website privacy
  • Sale/purchase and licence of NFTs

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