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All enquiries are treated as highly confidential, and explored with you on an initial no charge and no obligation basis, in order to obtain a better understanding of what you need and how best to conclude as effectively as possible. Feel free to contact me and complete the enquiry form below.


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As a client you are most likely looking for a combination of factors from your preferred legal counsel, including obtaining some ‘added value’. Therefore for you it is more than just simply sourcing a lawyer: you’re looking for a legal partner.

Your matter is important and requires completion in a way that works best for you. However each client works differently. In order to help me better understand your preferred approach, please identify 2 preferences from the following list that is most important to you for your particular matter:


  • to conclude the matter in a tight timeframe or prior to a looming deadline (urgency);
  • to complete the matter in a cost-effective way (low cost);
  • to pay special attention to your matter, which is particularly important and requires specific consideration (valuable).


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