Pricing Policy


Most clients prefer certainty on fees. This can be achieved by charging fixed or capped fees, wherever possible.

Where a capped fee is agreed with you, charges for the work are undertaken on a time basis up to the capped amount. The charges will not be above this capped fee, but could be less of course.

A fixed fee means that irrespective of the amount of time spent on the project (an agreed and defined scope of work) you are not charged more than the pre-agreed fixed fee.

If you require work to be undertaken outside of an agreed scope of work, then an additional fixed fee can be agreed with you for that next stage of work, unless it is agreed that the next stage is to be carried out on a time basis.

All fees and work are agreed with you prior to commencement of your work.

Payment by Time

Work undertaken on a time basis is carried out diligently and never longer than is required. An estimate of time is provided to help you budget along with an overall timescale for completion. Hourly rates are also agreed with you in advance of any work and set out in your client engagement letter.

Please contact me to discuss what you need and what you are looking to achieve.


Depending on your requirements you may have to pay disbursements. Typically for intellectual property matters you will need to pay the relevant Intellectual Property Office fee depending on your particular transaction, which includes:

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