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To NDA or Not to NDA:

The Art of Strategic Silence or Open Mic Night?

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8 Reasons why it is all about YOU (and not me)

Wanting a good lawyer is about understanding what being ‘good’ means for you.

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The growing importance of NFT value

Utility NFTs (essentially NFTs with benefits) create intrinsic value propositions that sit alongside their collectability and scarcity

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Artists Beware: understanding your moral rights

It is vital to consider a long-term strategy when it comes to releasing an NFT collection and the potential moral rights and jurisdictional implications

Intellectural Property Law Converse Law

Designing a suite of NFT agreements

A range of bespoke agreements and company documentation in connection with an NFT Project

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Understanding the NFT landscape

Defining ownership and copyright 

Intellectural Property Law Converse Law

Distinctive trade marks: ensuring successful applications

Knowing how to avoid the use of descriptive words, generic and industry terms

Website design - copyright & contract case study

Terms & Conditions, Use of Contractors, Copyright Infringement

Manufacturing agreements

Medical Device Manufacturer - Manufacturing Agreement

Revised manufacturing agreement to support quality management system and standards

Manufacturing agreements

Exercise, Health & Fitness - Global IP Portfolio Management

A comprehensive and multi-jurisdictional strategy to manage and enhance the client’s IP

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TM7 Opposition

Understand more about Trade Mark Opposition before the UK IPO

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Understand more about the implications of NFTs on IPR

Intellectural Property Law Converse Law

Design, preparation and drafting of a Bespoke NFT Commercial Agreement

Dealing with the revenue opportunities and intellectual property rights

Product Design Consultancy - New Product Development

Indemnities, warranties & intellectal property to help close the deal quickly

Website Design Agreements Confidentialty Agreements

Digital Retail - Brand migration

Mass migration of brand products – closing the deal ahead of time!

Website Design Agreements Confidentialty Agreements

Entertainment - Saving a client's trade mark registration and its domain

Helping a client to save its trade mark registration and preventing loss of its domain

Website Design Agreements Confidentialty Agreements

Eminent UK learned society - Trade mark management and registration

Trade mark management and registrations within the UK and throughout relevant overseas territories

Manufacturing agreements

Drinks manufacturer and distributor - Maintaining its required trade mark licence

Helping the client understand its trade mark licence agreement

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