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Contracts and commercial agreements, intellectual property, regulatory law, privacy and data, international agreements, and the optimistic imagination of Blockchain Technology.

What we do


  • Review your project and understand your ambitions
  • Identify the regulations that potentially affect your project
  • Prepare legal documentation for your project
  • Assess intellectual property and commercial considerations
  • Help you to understand and reduce risks
  • Help to maximise your end goals and realise your ambition
  • Procure specialist or overseas counsel and tax advice on your behalf

Ultimately we aim to support you and your other professional advisors to enable your project to become operational when you need, to develop as freely as possible, and to evolve in the way you require to realise your project’s ambitions.

A thorough approach is undertaken to ensure that you receive the most relevant and up to date advice for your project. This will include clear and relevant contractual advice and the preparation of the relevant agreements that you need. Ensuring that you have the requisite authority, rights and entitlement to operate. To carefully consider UK and EU intellectual property issues, and those governed by various international agreements. Identifying the regulatory issues and helping you to implement as and where relevant. Providing access to such other relevant and trusted professional advisors to support associated project considerations.


I understand the importance of due diligence in creating viable businesses around NFTs. If you’re looking for advice on how to navigate this – largely unchartered – territory, get in touch today.

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Legal Agreements & Notices


Commercial Agreements

Not all projects are the same, and we understand the need to balance innovation with proportionate, pragmatic, and good value advice. Some clients are well-informed before seeking legal advice and have already received independent tax advice and identified a relevant and appropriate jurisdiction in which to operate. There are those clients who have commercial and business aspirations and are looking for a hub through which relevant advice can be accessed for each strand of their new project.  We also act for individual freelancers, artists and creatives who have been commissioned to support various projects. We help you to understand what you need and to support you with the relevant documentation, legal agreements, and regulatory advice you and/or your project requires.

By way of example some considerations that may be relevant for your particular project have been identified below. Note that in any event and by way of a minimum, you will want to ensure that you receive appropriate regulatory, tax, and intellectual property advice.

Better, Faster, Simpler



Your project parameters and investors will likely require you to ensure your know how and confidential information, along with business plans, White Paper, and other sensitive documents are each protected as far as possible against unauthorised disclosure.



At the earliest stage and ideally prior to incorporation you ought to consider appropriate and relevant tax advice, along with guidance as to an appropriate jurisdiction from which to launch. Experienced and independent financial and tax advice should be sought, taking into account the different tax regimes and specific country legal requirements.


Observe local laws and incorporate in accordance with rules, regulations, and requirements of your country of preference. You may need to balance timescales and KYC requirements of particular jurisdictions against your own project milestones, and taking account of regulatory and tax implications.


Your project will be affected by regulation, and an assessment will be needed to understand to what extent and in which jurisdiction the various regulatory requirements are to be followed. Do not assume that your project will not attract particular regulation. Country laws are in a state of evolution and you need to be horizon scanning.



Depending on your project a variety of legal documentation and commercial agreements will be needed prior to company launch and drop. This can include commercial and service terms between stakeholders, compliance documentation for your platform, assignment agreements, and the extent of separate and intra-company licensing arrangements.

Intellectural Property Law Converse Law


Assess and understand your intellectual property rights. This may include registration of particular rights in relevant territories, and ensuring suitable assignments are in place that secure ownership of the requisite rights. Take account of international agreements between sovereign states.

Additional services


  • Website Terms
  • Privacy Policy
  • Image Release
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Sale/purchase and licence of NFTs
  • Prize Competition Terms
  • R&D Agreement
  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Website Privacy Notice

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