Intellectual Property

Brands, Confidentiality, Copyright, Databases, Designs, Know-How, Patents, Passing Off, Trade Marks, Trade Secrets…

What we do


  • Help you to enforce your rights and to recover damages and compensation in the event of unauthorised use and infringement
  • Help you defend against allegations of infringement, including Passing Off
  • Support you in defending against challenges to your intellectual property rights
  • To help you challenge another’s intellectual property rights
  • Oppositions / cancellations / revocations 
  • Identify what intellectual property you own and have developed
  • Help you to apply for and obtain the registration of intellectual property rights, whether in the UK or in other parts of the world
  • Ensure that the licensing of intellectual property is complete and relevant
  • Support you when you buy, sell, or licence your own or someone else’s intellectual property (including NFTs)
  • Identify what intellectual property others have used and created

A strategy of registration and use of technology agreements as relevant for your IP rights  


It is very usual for a business or someone who creates, to also develop intellectual property. If you aim to do something that is different to the status quo then you are likely to be on the road to something new with creation and invention in the broadest sense. So, it is better for you to assume that you have intellectual property as an asset than not. The trick is to be able to identify it and to best leverage its value.

Of course, as an innovative and/or technology-led organisation, intellectual property assets and related rights will be at the heart of what you deliver, and will often be the reason why your business or creativity is valued most highly, by consumers, businesses, your supply chain, investors, shareholders, and the market generally.

“competent, articulate, thorough, plain talking and very approachable.”

“…is ‘razor sharp’ and has ‘a wealth of knowledge’.”

“…extensive experience in copyright and trade marks law.” 

We can help with


Reviewing your business and assets and identifying what IP you have and in what ways to best protect and leverage accordingly.


Essential when dealing with those other individuals, businesses, and potential investors who will access the most sensitive aspects of your business.


Sale and purchase agreements for use when buying or selling IP, which can range from patents, trade marks, designs, and even know-how, trade secrets, processes, databases, software, customer lists, and NFTs. If it has value it is likely to comprise IP.


Again these types of agreements can vary across subject matter and sector, and are essential whether you are using another’s know-how, or receiving a revenue stream in exchange for the use of your IP by another.


Providing pragmatic and commercial advice in connection with registering trade marks in the UK or in other relevant countries, helping you assess the use by others of your branding (or visa versa), supporting you in connection with opposition/revocation matters, due diligence and clearance searches.



Such agreements are used for a wide range of sectors and industries. Subject matter can include data protection, cyber-security, joint venture agreements, NFT sale/purchase and licensing, R&D agreements, advanced manufacturing arrangements, software development and licensing. These types of agreements generally have the aim of securing revenue streams, or may focus on protection and regulatory requirements.

Your Subject of Interest


  • Know-How
  • Patents
  • Passing Off
  • Trade Secrets
  • Databases
  • NFTs

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“competent, articulate, thorough, plain talking and very approachable.”

“…is ‘razor sharp’ and has ‘a wealth of knowledge’.”

“…extensive experience in copyright and trade marks law.”