Business Contracts

Terms & conditions for the supply of goods / services

These are particularly important if you sell products (goods and services) whether to other businesses or directly to consumers. Just bear in mind that if you do sell products and you require this type of agreement (many different types exist) then there will be other elements to consider for your business, which may include intellectual property rights, employment, consultancy services, data protection including registration, and other company policies.

Why have one:

  • You should be clear on what it is you are selling, how, to whom, for how much, and under what conditions or circumstances so that there is less risk of complaint, refund, or even being sued
  • Set out your limitations and where appropriate specifically exclude what you do not deliver as standard to allow you to provide added value and the ability to cross-sell where necessary/appropriate
  • The ability to include special provisions that are peculiar to your business/organisation, or that form part of your own USP
  • To allow you to set your own standards of supply and quality of products, and protect against the purchaser claiming standards or requirements from you which could be excluded under a contract
  • The ability to pass on or reduce risk and liability
  • A mechanism to ensure payment and enhance profitability


  • Ensure the agreement accurately sets out what you need, and what the other side expects, because when using standard agreements, or those copied from elsewhere (risk of copyright infringement) these are likely to be unfit for purpose, leaving you and/or your organisation/business exposed to higher costs, wasted time and resources, inadequate protection, and the risk of being sued!

Who instructs:

I am often instructed by directors, business owners, and entrepreneurs who may be selling their own products into the market (whether to other businesses or consumers), or who wish to purchase products that in turn will help or support their own businesses. If you are buying or selling products you ought to have suitable terms that are relevant to your activities.