Type of client: SMEs, Charities, & Gov (public authorities)

Industry: All industries and sectors


Designing bespoke project agreements, reviewing and updating contracts, negotiating and concluding deals, NDAs, company policies and regulatory compliance, GDPR, protection & enforcement of IP rights, including registration, sale/purchase, and licensing



There could be a variety of reasons why you require assistance and support for your organisation. As an established business you may be considering additional or alternative support, and even specialist guidance. As a charity you will wish to secure professional and experienced help at affordable and complimentary pricing structures. Work undertaken for public authorities requires clear and authoritative advice having a strict regard to costs and budget. I can help in the following ways:


The (Pain Point)

Medical Device Manufacturing Agreement

Each client has its own challenges, hurdles, and general pain points. You may be short on time, cash and investment, knowledge, or an unexpected problem has arisen. You will want an accessible and approachable advisor who can easily and quickly guide you through the maze. Ultimately you just need the answer, to get the job done, to be able to move on and focus on what you want to do. To help me understand what you need please feel free to complete the enquiry form at the Contact page.

All enquiries are considered highly confidential, and there is no charge/obligation when submitting your enquiry. I will always endeavour to help you where I can.

The Response

Jason Lysandrides Converse Law


At Converse Law we strive to put the client first. This means understanding the client’s pain points and ambitions, and moreover to help a client appreciate its risks. Fees and timescales are always agreed with you in advance, which includes working towards your preferred deadline. Where possible and subject to a defined scope of work fixed fees can be agreed with you. We do not extend the scope of work or incur additional costs without your advance knowledge and confirmation. You will be provided with direct contact details for me so that we are able to work together effectively and efficiently.

I encourage you to take a look at the Case Studies (updated regularly) and to visit the About page. I look forward to hearing from you…

Why Chosen

Jason Lysandrides Converse Law


Approachable | Timely | Good value

Jason is approachable and friendly but always professional. Clearly he knows his subject but is able to communicate to non-legal professionals in a clear and concise manner. He always responds in a timely and appropriate manner and represents good value for money. He will always endeavour to find the solution you are looking for or come up with an alternative solution that may be more appropriate.


Financial Director

Beauty & Fitness Group


Jason Lysandrides

By phone 

D. 01242 323 548

By e-mail

  • Know how to prioritise, and clearly understand what you are ultimately seeking to achieve
  • Use an experienced and qualified lawyer who is able to quickly establish relationships, can set out sensible and clearly defined objectives, and who is an effective communicator able to prepare, negotiate, and conclude business agreements in a timely manner
  • Use a lawyer who puts their client needs first, is readily available, responsive, capable, and will see the deal through